What We Do

At the Vibrant Health Network, we see health as a continuum with vibrant health at one end, and disease at the other end. Wellness and the absence of disease fall somewhere in the middle but are different than vibrant health. Where do you stand on the continuum? At our center, we start from wherever you are, and work from there to guide you to improve your health, feel better, boost your energy level, and help you to feel better about yourself.

At the Vibrant Health Network, we believe in healing through natural therapies. Positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle are key factors to maintaining a healthy vibrant body and mind. We all have the capacity to self-heal if we create the right internal and external environment. The body has a tremendous healing capacity. We just need to facilitate the process by creating optimal conditions for the process to unfold.

To facilitate the healing process, we believe in internal detoxification on multiple levels. This includes our physical, mental, emotional, biological, and spiritual aspects. The approach is individualized depending on the client’s goals and desires. A variety of therapies may be utilized such as colon hydrotherapy, ionic foot detox, herbs, essential oils, diet modification, nutritional guidance, lifestyle recommendations, and positive thinking.