Who We Are


Trish Hewitt is the founder of the Vibrant Health Network. Her interest in natural therapies and the wholistic health approach goes back to her childhood and has continued since then to the present.

Even in her childhood, she was an avid organic gardener, and from her teenage years onwards, was passionate about reading books on natural health and healing. In her early 20’s, she went on a world tour for three years studying the lifestyle and diet of many cultures and lived with the native people in many countries. She became vegetarian in 1977 and had her first colon hydrotherapy session in Australia in 1977 as well, years before it became popular. By the time she was 25, she had visited about 30 countries. This trip ended in India, which transformed her further as she became very involved with yoga and spirituality.

On her return to Canada, she taught yoga in Calgary in 1980. Later, she returned to India and lived there for 15 years, teaching swimming, studying yoga, and gaining some knowledge of Ayurveda.

On her second return to Canada, she decided to study nursing to learn Western medicine so that she could understand the other side of the coin. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2010 and then worked as a nurse. Gradually she was inspired to return to her passion of natural health and healing. This study has given her a greater depth of knowledge and a strong foundation for her new practice. She completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and the City of Edmonton Master Composter Recycler Training in 2014. She had also taken training and certification in several modalities, hence, the Vibrant Health Network was born.