Ionic Foot Detox


What is an ionic foot detox?

The ionic foot cleanse or detox is a way to detoxify the body by using ionized water in a warm foot bath. Toxins are drawn out of the body through the pores of the feet by osmosis.

Why Do We Need the Ionic Foot Detox?

In our modern era, we are exposed to a multitude of toxins on a daily basis. These include internal as well as environmental toxins. These toxins create acidity in the body that leads to inflammation, lowered immunity, allergies, and illness. Ultimately the toxic overload leads to chronic health problems creating a “slow death” of our vitality. The ionic foot detox helps to remove toxins from joints, the liver, gall bladder, lymphatic system, and all other parts of the body. Please see the colour chart for more details.

Some of the external sources of toxins include:

· Pesticides and herbicides used on our food
· Food preservatives, colouring, and additives
· Chemicals or heavy metals in our face creams, deodorants, soaps, shampoos, hair dyes, toothpaste, and other toiletries
· Chemicals like chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals in our drinking water
· Medications and chemotherapy
· Street drugs
· Toxins from alcohol consumption
· Toxins from smoking cigarettes
· Eating fish and shellfish laden with heavy metals from living in polluted water
· Chemicals from exhaust fumes, smog and air pollution
· Cleaning chemicals or detergents that contact our skin or that we inhale
· Heavy metals from mercury dental fillings
· Aluminum from baking powder, cooking utensils, aluminum pop cans, and aluminum-lined juice boxes
· Plastic wraps, containers, and bottles that hold our food and drinking water
· Air fresheners, paints, and glues that are used in our home
· A poor diet of processed and devitalized food

Some internal toxins include:

· Cellular debris
· Uric acid
· Toxins reabsorbed from the colon or large intestine
· Toxins created from parasites residing in the body
· Internal and environmental toxins that have lodged in the joints, fat, soft tissue, organs, blood, brain, and immune system.
· Candida
· Toxins from infections
· Toxins created in the body from stress

The Colors in Your Ionic Foot Detox Water

The above chart indicates, according to colour, where it is that the toxins are believed to be coming from.

Common Signs of Toxicity

· Sinus congestion
· Skin problems
· Lowered immunity
· Hormonal imbalances
· Headaches
· Joint pain
· Fatigue
· Constipation
· Allergies
· Poor sleep
· Lack of energy
· Body odour
· Bad breath
· Infections
· Frequent illness
· Muscle aches
· Bloating
· Difficulty losing weight
· Dark circles under the eyes
· Water retention
· Infertility

What Benefits Can Be Gained From the Ionic Foot Detox?

· Decreased joint pain along with better range of movement
· Removing heavy metals from the body
· Increased energy levels
· Decreased inflammation in the body
· Boosted immunity
· Clearer, smoother, and softer skin
· Less fluid retention
· Better circulation
· Improved quality of sleep
· A cleaner internal body
· Less body odour
· Quicker recovery time from illness
· Improved feeling of well being

Toxins have accumulated in the body over a number of years. It takes time to detoxify the body. Every tissue in the body has collected toxins. Detoxification is a gradual process that includes using the ionic foot detox and also improving the diet and lifestyle to reduce the ongoing toxic increase. Other detoxification procedures practiced simultaneously will enhance the speed and progress for faster results. These may include colon hydrotherapy, improved hydration, saunas, drinking raw fresh juices, fasting, and taking herbs for cleansing. Yoga, proper breathing, and better posture are also helpful.