Live Blood Cell Analysis – No longer available

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Live blood cell microscopy involves looking at one drop of live, fresh blood under the microscope with a video attachment. The client and technician can then view the image on a screen and observe the live red and white blood cells as they move.

Live blood cell microscopy is NOT a diagnostic procedure. The technician does not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe. The insights gained from a live view of the blood, however, are invaluable, and much different than the information gained from a regular blood test done on dead blood.

What Can Live Blood Microscopy Reveal?

· The condition of the red blood cells; this has nutritional implications
· The viability of the white cells; the number of WBCs may be normal, however, they may not be active and doing their job
· Dehydration
· Indications of inflammation in the body
· Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
· Immune system function
· Stress on organs like the liver, kidney heart, and others.
· Undigested fats
· An excess of protein in the blood
· Parasitic, fungal, and bacterial forms in the blood

This is only a partial list of insights the condition of the blood can provide. Remember that the blood feeds the whole body. Any deficiencies showing in the blood will eventually manifest in the body. The best way to maintain health is to prevent and be proactive.

See the videos below to see a demonstration of live blood cell analysis: