“I had such a great stay with Trish. Her professional expertise and compassionate care brought healing to my body and soul. Thank you for your kindness and genuine care. Many blessings xoxo”                                                                        Jaime A., Moose Jaw, Sask.

“I treated myself to some incredible DETOX techniques that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. First I had a Colon Hydrotherapy session followed with by a Ionic foot bath. Today I feel SO GOOD… and was shocked at how much old, built up toxicity was in my body!! And I put a lot of effort into eating as clean and pure as possible. It really showed my how important it is to keep my “sewer system” clean, because that dark sludge that left my large intestine was really keeping my body from reaching it’s highest potential and taking advantage of the full nutrition of the food I invest in. Dr. Bernard Jensen says, “. . . the average healthy person has 7 to 25 pounds of fecal matter in their colon at any one time . . .” THINK ABOUT THAT!! And if that fecal matter has been brewing there for years, which it does, think of how that could bring down our systems. CRAZY!! So needless to say… I FEEL GREAT!!”
Blair A., Salt Spring Island, BC

“I had a really awesome experience with Trish Hewitt . I did the colon hydrotherapy and ionic foot detox procedures. Trish was very informative, kind and overall a pleasure to be with. I loved that she addressed my health from a holistic perspective, incorporating mind, body, and emotions. Trish is a great listener, it felt like a bonus therapy session with her as well I’m super happy with the results this far.”
Jessica S., Edmonton, AB

“Thankyou Trish so much for the colon hydrotherapy sessions. Prior to coming I was bloated, constipated, and feeling awful. After 3 consecutive sessions, I feel lighter and as though I have lost 10 pounds. My stomach is much flatter. Trish is well educated, passionate, and very professional.”
Crystal H, Dawson Creek, BC

“I was having such a hard time sleeping soundly because of stress at work and in my family affairs. Many times I’ve gone for massages and meditated to help me sleep more soundly through the night. While I’ve had results, I found there was such a need to keep going back for more in order to have any lasting results. After going to Vibrant Health Network the first time for hypnotherapy, I slept more soundly the first night than any other therapy or meditation, but more importantly, the quality of sleep I got for the following two weeks remained equally as deep and restful!”         Paul K., Edmonton, AB

“Detoxification: Acting on a belief that balance is required between what is ingested and detoxification, to achieve a state of optimal health and wellness, I went to Trish for colon hydrotherapy and ionic footbath. As talented as Trish is, I was reminded that my body would release only what it was ready to do and this was going to be a process. Upon recommendation of a naturopath and environmental doctor, I committed to 5 sessions of colon hydrotherapy in a 2 week period. The “letting go” that occurred was beyond my imagination both physically and emotionally. Over a period of a few weeks, inches dropped from my core and I was feeling much better. After 7 weeks I returned for another session as my body indicated I was ready for more releasing. At this time I did another ionic footbath and noticed my knees and ankles were feeling much better, with less stiffness and tenderness. Amazing is all I could say! It was noticeable how much the abdominal wall had been pulled in towards my spine following the hydrotherapy. The detoxification process was well underway, and my hopes and dream for a healthy body, feeling alive and well, was within reach of my achieving it. This is making me very happy! What a blessing! Whole body health and a happy mind and spirit is the goal and I am almost there! Thank you, Trish.”                     Jean W., Edmonton